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Home | Holiday Tradiciones November 2006 Issue | Pasteles Video


How to make Pasteles

Welcome to a presentation of Cocinando Con Mami’s cooking show on how to make Puerto Rican Pasteles. This show is designed for Visual Learners and will guide you in the preparation of Pasteles without hot chili peppers, with hot chili peppers and with a Banana leaf for a more authentic taste.

The above video presentation requires the latest version of Macromedia Shockwave Player. If you are unable to view the player and would like to see the presentation, please download the free Adobe Flash Player at the link provided:

Adobe Flash Media Player Buttons are easy to use. Controller buttons are at the bottom of the video. Here’s how they work:

The 1st button on the left side is used to Play or Pause the video
The 2nd button is used to stop the video. It will take you to the beginning of the video. Don’t recommend using this button unless you want to start from the very beginning
The 3rd & 4th buttons have left and right arrows and are used to go to the beginning or the end of the video
The 5th bar is not a button. It shows you how much of the video is streamed for the presentation. Example: if the video is not streamed completely before viewing, the playing of the video may have some short pauses while more of the video is being streamed. Another feature is the ability see how much of the video has been watched. An indicator shows up on the bar and let’s you see how far you are into the video. Left clicking your mouse over the indicator and hold will allow you to move to different scenes in the video. This is useful if you want to see something being done again
The 6th image is a speaker, which allows you to mute the audio or leave it on. We recommend leaving it on to listen to Mami’s pearls of wisdom as she cooks
The 7th bar allows you to adjust the audio volume. The default is at 100%. Recommend adjusting your computer audio volume with its controls and use the Flash controller volume adjustment as required.

Note: Our goal is to provide you with a healthy taste of Puerto Rico. Please review the recommended ingredients to ensure that they are agreeable with your taste and digestive system. This is important as everyone has unique food allergies

This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to learn how to cook like a native Puerto Rican that never left the beautiful island! Now you can surprise everyone with your new Puerto Rican cooking savvy. To make your learning experience easier, all of the 22 cooking shows are presented in English with some Spanglish. In addition, instructional titles are provided during all of the cooking shows. Finally, recipes for all of the meals and deserts are included on the respective DVD inserts. This means that you can take the DVD insert with you to the grocery store and be prepared to purchase all of the ingredients that you need for your meals. This makes it easy as 1, 2 & 3.

Each meal preparation is given the time and attention it deserves. This means there are no short cuts where the meal magically appears without the detail behind what it takes to make it. The results are authentic tasting meals that anyone can prepare.

Get ready for the holidays with some mouth watering Mofongo y Salsa de Camarones, Pernil, Arroz con Dulce and a Jibarito Sandwich just to name a few of the many treats. Let’s not forget the Coquito. Did someone say Parranda? Don’t be surprise to have more visitors to your home with your new cooking groove. Piensalo, when you purchase the Box Set you get 22 cooking shows with full instruction on 10 DVDs for only $49.95. Inventory Clearance Special good till the end of 2007. Each cooking show will cost you $2.27. How’s that for value for your money? The alternative is to purchase individual DVD’s at retail price or Downloads on Demand and not receive the significant discount price or the written instruction available on the DVD inserts. Make the right choice and purchase the10 DVD Box Set today! A great gift for the Holidays.

Response to the Cocinando Con Mami Puerto Rican cooking library has been positive and overwhelming. Make the Pilón and Tostonera a part of you life today. Click on the Gift Box to Order Now!

About was created with the intention of preserving our Puerto Rican culture for generations. The goal of the - Cocinando Con Mami cooking library was to capture the rich traditions of days gone by and sharing them with mainland Puerto Ricans. If you were fortunate to live in Puerto Rico and know the sites and sounds, this cooking library will bring back many memories. If you were born and raised in the mainland US, this is your opportunity to gain some insight about your cultures rich tradition. The cooking videos include visual journeys to Puerto Rico, which are accompanied with a Cuatro and Spanish guitar. These extras were designed to capture the essence (SABOR) of Puerto Rico while you prepare the meals.

We get plenty of feedback from customers about our product. One of our favorites is where a Puerto Rican female customer, born in the mainland US, has old school parents that refused to eat her GRINGO food. They would come by to visit, but never eat at her home. This went on for years. She purchased the Cocinando Con Mami 10 DVD Box Set and prepared meals for her family. Finally she built up the confidence to invite her parents over for dinner and surprised them with some old school Arroz con Gandules and Chuleta Fritas. How’s that for SABOR con SALSA! This can happen for you too.


PS - Our easy to follow recipes will make you the cook you always wanted to be.
Please read the customer testimonials and see video testimonials on the Product Preview page. Click on the Box Set for more details.

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