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History first went on line July 17, 1996 to create a large on line community to serve the needs of those who wanted to visit a website for dedicated to Puerto Ricans living in the United States. include Communidades, Message Boards, Chat Rooms, and a host of other services and information about Puerto Rican communities. In effect, has become an On-Line community, with a very loyal audience. Over 60% of our visitors are repeat visitors. currently attracts over 2,200 unique visitors per day, has 25,000 members signed up for our Opt-In Email Newsletter and an additional 1,500 registered users in our chat rooms. We average over 60,000 unique monthly visitors. The site displays 500,000 page views per month and delivers over 1.4 Million banner impressions per month, in various sizes and placement.

54% Female
46% Male
under 18 15%
18-35 55%
35-50 17%
50+ 8%
Under $25,000 - 15%
25,000-$75,000 - 60%
$75,000+ - 25%
English Only 15%
Spanish Only 4%
Bi-Lingual English/Spanish 80%
NY,NJ, CT Tri State Area 25%
New England 10%
Mid West and South West 10%
California 10%
Puerto Rico 15%
Florida 25%

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