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Time: March 15, 2009 from 3pm to 7pm
Location: Council of Three Rivers American Indian Center , Pittsburgh(Singing Winds Site)
Organized By: Miguel Sobaoko Koromo sague

Event Description:
The Caney Indigenous Spiritual Circle is pleased to invite all Tainos and those who respect the ways of the Tainos to participate with us in ths year's Spring Equinox Ceremony at the Singing Winds site of the Council Of Three Rivers American Indian Center in Dorseyville.

We will honor Ata Bey the female spirit of the Maternal Earth and of the waters of the Earth, and thank her for her generosity as the year begins a new cycle of fertility and Life.

Our Ceremony will culminate in the ritual of separating the three-pointed image of Yoka Hu from the womb-shaped oval hoop of the stone Coa, an act that will represent the birth of the spirit of Life, Yoka Hu and his rising from the divine uterine place where he has gestated since Winter Solstice.

All women will be honored in respect for their sacred connection to the Divine Woman.

New Taino News Journal Uploaded. Jan. 2009!

Posted by: "UCTP Office"  la_voz_taino


THE VOICE OF THE TAINO PEOPLE NEWS JOURNAL, Volume 12, Issue 1, Jan. - March 2009 has been uploaded to the DOCUMENTS Section of This document is a pdf, downloadable version of the print edition news journal: The Voice of the Taino People (ISSN 1553-9350).

View the journal here

The Voice of the Taino People News Journal is designed to be and functions as a different entity than our online news services located at and beyond. There are stories and features included in the print edition that are not always included online. Likewise, there
are features online that are not always included in the print editions. The United Confederation of Taino People strives to provide many media options that will serve the different needs of our diverse community. We hope that our readers find utility in several of our products, and we appreciate your continued support.

Thank You,
United Confederation of Taino People
Web Support Team

Presencia Taina.TV
Posted by: "UCTP Office"   la_voz_taino

Presencia Taina.TV is televised weekly throughout the worldwide web this season on Saturday nights at 9 PM (EST).

February 7, 2009: Elba Lugo & Travesia Taina

The program can be accessed online at:


by viewing it locally on Channel 67 (cable TV) in the New York City area on Public Access Television scheduled every Saturday night at 9:00 PM (EST)!!

Bo'Matum (Thank you) for your interest and support.


Los Tainos celebran el dia de la Candelaria en Boriken

Posted by: "UCTP Office"   la_voz_taino

Hato Rey, Boriken (CUPT Noticias Taino) - El dia 2 de febrero está en la mitad del camino entre el solsticio invierno y verano siendo clebrado desde tiempos pre-hispánicos y por el sincretismo católico como el Día de la Candaleria.

Melvin Waracatua Anamu, director del grupo comunitario Esencia Tabanuco celebró la ocasión con una fogata, en la Barriada Isreal y el residencial San Jóse en Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. Esta es la 3ra celebración de este evento que asisteron mas de 100 personas, contó con la participación de grupos culturales taino y danzantes de Esencia Tabanuco y la Tribu Roca de Amor del Turey dirigidos por Xuerix Guaynia Camacho y La Familia Itiba. Los grupos participantes obsequiaron a la comunidad con un Areyto, y una canción muy especial del artista taino Brandon Cutubanama grupo Cibuco.

Ver el ariculo en:
Taino TV Launched

UCTP Taino News - In collaboration with Presencia Taina TV, and Indigenous Peoples Literature, the United Confederation of Taino people has announced the launching of the TAINO TV Network. This historic project, which uses new media outreach mechanisms such as You Tube will assist the UCTP in its focus on using communications technology to increase the visibility of the Taino and other Caribbean Indigenous Peoples internationally.

"From the new Taino TV site as well as other media launch points already developed such as Presencia Taina TV, we will be providing visual services never before available to our community and others who are interested in cultural heritage of the Caribbean region" stated Roger Atihuibancex Hernandez, founder of the Presencia Taina TV project. Viewers can now long into Taino TV at can view and subscribe to Taino TV at

A Brief Summary of the Origin, and Survival of the Taino Language

by David Wahayona Campos

The Greater Antilles, lying in the center of the Caribbean region, contain the four largest islands of the area. The islands of Cubanakan (Cuba), Boriken (Puerto Rico), Bohio (Haiti/Republica Dominica), Xamaika (Jamaica), as well as the Lucayo (Bahamas) all share a universal language with some dialectal differences. In the late 1500s Bishop Las Casas stated "En todas estas islas eran una lengua y misma costumbres."

The Taino language of the Greater Antilles is related to the Arawakan stock stemming from South America, "the people of the Arawak language family still comprise on of the more widespread indigenous culture within relatively large kinship nations in the Amazon and Orinoco river basins of South America." (Barreiro, 1990) The language of the central Arawak or Lokono (meaning the "people"), and the Garifuna currently of Central America, are prime examples
that are closely related to the Taino language, which is sometimes referred to as "Island-Arawak."

Read the Entire Article

Taino Women's Circle in NY

The next Taino Women's circle will meet again on Saturday Feb 3, 2007 from 12 noon to 6 PM. This circle will really be GREAT... WE WILL BE FOCUSING ON OUR FEMALE ENERGY. We will be examining our women's ceremonies as well as learning chants,songs etc., etc.

Each women will receive to take home a copy of all songs, chants and or ceremony. There will be lots of good food and you can bet we will have a totally fun time as well as a spiritually rewarding exchange... The heartbeat of a Nation is it's women...

Note, we also will be discussing the Taino Women's conference already set and to be held this year. Registration for conference are already coming in, so once again check out YABOA. Please go to YABOA web site for more details as well as address or call me at 718-796-2460...

Also keep in mind our circle is for TAINO women no matter what yukayeque or group you belong to or are affiliated with. If we do not know you or if you belong to no circle, please contact us before hand.

If you wish to bring a non-Taino sister or friend, you must call in advance as attendance must be approved by all our TAINO sisters before hand...

Mark your calendars... together we can make a difference.

Puerto Rican Parrots
J. Michael Meyers
National Biological Service

The Puerto Rican parrot (Amazona vittata) had shared its habitat with the peaceful Taino Indians for centuries before the arrival of European settlers in the Caribbean.

Status and Trends

Upon arrival of the Spanish in 1493, the Puerto Rican parrot lived in all major habitats of Puerto Rico and the adjacent smaller islands of Culebra, Mona, Vieques, and possibly the Virgin Islands (Snyder et al. 1987). Parrots occupied eight major climax or old-growth forest types (Little and Wadsworth 1964) that covered Puerto Rico and were interspersed only by small, scattered, sandy, or marshy areas near the coast (Snyder et al. 1987). Parrots nested in cavities of large trees that were plentiful throughout the forests. Fertile, moist lowland forests in the coastal plain as well as forested mountain valleys contained much of the fruits and seeds necessary to feed a thriving parrot population. The forests of Puerto Rico probably supported a parrot population of 100,000-1,000,000 at the end of the 15th century (Snyder et al. 1987; Wiley 1991).

Read More

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